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Happy Cake Day!

It's Cake Day on Sunday and it's cause for celebration in our house. In fact everyday should be Cake Day according to my son Gabe who like his Dad has a very very sweet tooth. Gabe would eat cake for breakfast, lunch and dinner and is always disappointed to get porridge or toast rather than brioche. His passion for sweet things is enabled by a doting sister who loves baking ( but not the washing up part ! ) and he loves trying out different recipes. They take a slice of homebake in their lunchbox most days and we make healthy options. But occasionally we go all out and make the gooiest, moistest, most calorific cake possible. It doesn’t ever survive more than a day.

One of the best cupcake blogs I have found which has delicious recipes and beautiful images is The Cupcake Daily Blog

Strawberry Banana Cupcakes

It's fair to say that our attempts don't look quite as gorgeous as the photos on this blog but they taste delicious which is all my lot really care about! The Strawberry Banana Cupcakes are a hit.

So for Cake Day we will try a new recipe and I've found this one from The Cake Blog.

Happy Baking !