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Easter and the art of hiding chocolate

By Roger

The problem with Easter egg hunts is that they are teaching our children the wrong skills.

There seems to be an unwritten rule in our household that all chocolate where ever it is stored, hidden or locked away is fair game. My whole family follows this rule and it includes everything from cooking chocolate to premium Belgium truffles. Easter eggs are no exception. In fact they are even worse - more difficult to hide and easier to open and pretend that they have not been opened but that's another matter. It is generally accepted that chocolate should be instantly consumed or hidden - hidden in a really, really, really safe place. The problem with this approach is that I have a bad memory and as time goes on, I have had to find more and more devious hiding places which I struggle to remember while every other member of my family is a fully trained chocolate hunter - skills developed in the seemingly innocent Easter egg hunt!

When it comes to the egg hunt, the more clever that we are as chocolate hiders, the more improved that our kids skills become. The solution is simple. On the day of the hunt - hide eggs in plain sight. Not necessarily all in one place, spread out around your house or garden is fine. Never make it difficult for your kids and if necessary give clues. That way they still have fun of the hunt and the enjoyment of eating chocolate but never develop the skills that will come back to bite you (or your chocolate) later in life.

But remember, don't leave it leave it too late - chocolate hunting is a lifetime skill children that have been known to acquire soon after walking. You have been warned.