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One small step

By Rhiannon Owen
Its been 50 years now since we followed our imagination and took to the stars in a rocket on route to the moon.  Quite a long way just to find out that the moon wasn't made of cheese but it wasn't a wasted journey as the astronauts bounced around, had a picnic, and took a few photos before heading home.  Seeing all the old videos on TV this week has made us think - imagination was the key to this, it started with someone saying "I wonder if we could fly to the moon".
To celebrate, we thought we'd have some space based fun and give your little ones a chance to draw a design which we'll print over their own pair of shoes. It's pretty cool ...a pair of one off shoes which are totally unique . Anything goes - rockets, stars, flying unicorns - let your little ones imaginations fly.
To take part draw/doodle your design on any piece of paper if you are out and about or download our printable shoe template if you have access to a printer. Adults/Siblings can help ....any age can enter although we can only print on shoes up to size 12UK/30 EU Get out the pencils, paint or crayons and have some fun doodling .
Email your masterpieces - as many as you like - to rhiannon@inchblue.com  We'll pick our favourites at the end of the week and maybe your little one could be making their historic first steps in their very own moon boots!